Thursday, November 26, 2015

Knitting Instructions (part 2 of 2)

To learn the purling which is an important stitch you have to follow the instructions. Bring the yarn in front of the needle and pull the right hand needle in the first loop, on the left needle, in the right to left direction. Passing the yarn around the back of the right needle, draw the loop backwards to allow the stitch to slip. But always keep in mind that the yarn should be in front of the work.

Once you master these two stitches, you can also try other stitches like the stockinet stitch, just follow some knitting instructions. To produce this you have to knit the first row, purl the second and work in this order. If you use a circular needles or a sock needle you can knit continuously.

Once you start practicing your knitting talents, you can even learn the increasing and decreasing method, or the methods of binding off, and to work even. These methods help you in creating variations in your knitting projects.

By following some simple knitting instructions, you can also learn weaving the stockinet stitch. Using a darning needle, join the ends of the piece. Draw the yarn in the first stitch on the upper piece, by inserting the needles from the wrong side. Then insert the needles from the right side of the lower piece in the first stitch.

By working in this manner you can weave the two pieces of the project using the stockinet stitch. Just make sure that you fasten your yarn before breaking off.
By using these knitting instructions you can create beautiful projects, by using simple stitches. Hence, along with some recreation you can also polish talents.

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